Carlos Chávez Rebolledo

 Doctor (Ph.D.)University of Massachussetts-Amherst, y M.A. Ilades-Georgetown University

Profesor Titular

Director Núcleo de Investigación en Economía Ambiental y de Recursos Naturales

Editor Asociado journal Environment and Development Economics


Áreas de especialización

– Economía Ambiental y de Recursos Naturales

– Microeconomía


Principales Publicaciones:

Chávez, Carlos A., John K. Stranlund and Walter Gomez. 2011. “Controlling Urban Air Pollution

Caused by Households: Uncertainty, Prices, and Income.” Journal of Environmental

Management vol. 92(10):2746-53.


Caffera, Marcelo and Carlos Chávez. 2011. “The Cost-Effective Choice of Policy Instruments to

Cap Aggregate Emissions with Costly Enforcement.” Environmental and Resource

Economics Vol 50(4): 531-557


Leal, Carlos; Renato Quiñones, and Carlos Chávez. 2010. “What Factors Affect the Decision

Making Process when Setting TACs? The Case of Chilean Fisheries. Marine Policy 34:



Stranlund, John, Carlos Chávez and Mauricio Villena. 2009.  “The Optimal Pricing of Pollution When Enforcement is Costly”.  Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 58: 183-191.


Chávez, Carlos and John Stranlund. 2009. “A Note on Emissions Taxes and Incomplete Information”. Environmental and Resource Economics 44: 137-144.


Chávez, Carlos and Hugo Salgado.  2005. “Individual Transferable Quota Markets Under Illegal Fishing”. Environmental and Resource Economics 31(3): 303-324.


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Teléfono: [56] 41-2204503

Fax: [56] 41-2254591

Casilla 160-C, Correo 3, Concepción, Chile


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